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[Application Details] Electrical Control

Job posting date: 2021-04-20

Company Name YUATSUKI CO., LTD.
Job categoryElectrical control
Employment status


Recruitment contents
・ Electrical design (programming)
・ Assembly to mechanical devices
・ Test run and adjustment
・ Business trip adjustment after delivery (supervisor)
・ Because we have transactions overseas, we also have overseas business trips.

☆ There is a qualification acquisition system
* A letter of introduction from Hello Work is required.

Hourly wage 1,125Yen~ 1,800Yen

Basic salary (monthly conversion, average number of working days per month 22.0 days): 198,000 yen to 316,800
Wage deadline: last day
Wage payment date: 10th of every month (payment the following month)

Salary increaseYes
0 yen ~ 5,000 yen
* Twice a year (results of the previous year)

29 Nanatsuyama, Shimoyokosuka, Kira-cho, NISHIO, AICHI 444-0522 YUATSUKI Co., Ltd. Kira Factory

15 minutes walk from Meitetsu "Kamiyokosuka" station
Educational HistoryUniversity graduate, vocational school graduate or above
Required experience, etc.No question
Required license / qualificationElectrician (Type 2) or above
Regular car license (AT not limited)
age44 and under
Reason for age restriction (Ministerial Ordinance No. 3 b)
For young people, etc. for career development through long-term service
Commuting allowanceNone
Car commuting (free parking available)
Participation insurance, etc.Employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare, financial form, retirement allowance mutual aid,
There is a retirement allowance system (more than 20 years of service)
Working hours08:00 - 17:00
20 hours monthly average
Break 90 minutes
Holidays, etc.Sundays and holidays
Two days a week, etc.
Number of days of paid leave available over 6 months - 10 days

More informations
2nd and 4th holidays on Saturday
Year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, summer vacation available
According to company calendar
Trial periodYes
Period: 3 months
Hourly wage: 1,000 yen (no allowance)
No change in working conditions