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Corporate Information

Our Goal

Challenge and creativity
We are a small group.
However, we want to be a grain that gives off the brilliance of diamonds, even if it is small.

Company Overview

Company name
Taisuke Okuya, President
Yasuaki Okuya, Chairman of the Board
Main Factory
5-3 Boyama, Hatsuka-cho, NISHIO, AICHI 444-0316
TEL: 0563-59-1133 FAX: 0563-59-1104
Kira plant has been made the administrative function.
Kira plant
29 Nanatsuyama, Shimoyokosuka, Kira-cho, NISHIO, AICHI 444-0522
TEL: 0563-34-8080 FAX: 0563-34-8081
Thailand branch
New Dek Machinery co.,ltd.
Amphur Muangchonburi - Chonburi 20000 THAILAND
Bank of Nagoya, MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation
Main products

Main Factory

5-3 Boyama, Hatsuka-cho, NISHIO, AICHI 444-0316
TEL: 0563-59-1133
FAX: 0563-59-1104

Kira plant has been made the administrative function.

Kira plant

29 Nanatsuyama, Shimoyokosuka, Kira-cho, NISHIO, AICHI 444-0522
TEL: 0563-34-8080
FAX: 0563-34-8081


Euro Equip (Spain) is an equipment engineering company that handles manufacturing equipment (design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, etc.) for casting products.
In 2003, YUATSUKI Co., Ltd. agreed to provide Euro Equip with manufacturing technology for the continuous runner breaker "Runner Breaker" in order to expand sales channels in the euro area, and signed an agreement.

Euro Equip manufactures, sells, and provides after-sales service for "YUATSUKI" brand runner breakers for the European market, including major German companies such as GEORG FISCHER, MAHLE, HAZ GUSS ZORGE, and HAWLE. French companies such as SKF Sweden, Le Cruzé and AFC-LFA, as well as other leading casting manufacturers in Spain, Italy and Poland have decided to introduce and are in operation.

In 2016, the number of units sold was 53, and the number of installations reached 14 countries, and the number of sales is still increasing.
Poligono Industrial La Cruz, Parcela P-4-5, 48196
Lezama SPAIN
TEL: + 34-944-761-244 FAX: + 34-944-761-247
25169 Dequindre Madison Heights, MI 48071 U.S.A.
TEL: 1-248-548 FAX: 3038-1-248
Thai branch
88/21 Moo 4 T. Donhuaroh
Amphur Muangchonburi - Chonburi 20000 THAILAND
TEL / FAX: + 66-38-440-443 

The citation for these awards

Using our unique know-how and technology, we have developed a device that automatically crushes excess castings generated in casting plants into small pieces, and realized energy saving during melting and reuse in the casting recycling process all over the world. It was evaluated as contributing significantly to the reduction of load and the formation of a resource-recycling society.
Nishio Chamber of Commerce
Manufacturing Award
Chubu Region Invention Award
Invention Encouragement Award

Sales Statictics

Sales Achievement

Runner breaker Domestic delivery destination
Runner breaker overseas delivery destination

History and Accomplishments

Marutani Kogyo Co., Ltd. developed its own hydraulic press for pig iron splitting (No. 1)
Separated the Flood Control Division from Marutani Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Full-scale research and development of hydraulic equipment, centering on the late pig iron splitting machine and weir folding machine.
Founded YUATSUKI Co., Ltd.
Development of a casting weir trace finishing machine using a multi-stage blade (the first hydraulic casting finishing machine).
Established YUATSUKI CO., LTD.
Started development and production of labor-saving equipment for foundries from the conventional pig iron splitting machine and seki folding machine.
Received processing certification for Bridgestone pressure resistant hoses.
Cast play (casting deburring machine) BHP600 series No. 1 shipped.Sales start.
Developed a patented manufacturing method for casting deburring dies.Obtained a manufacturing method patent. (1989)
New Hirasaka factory established.
Introduced composite NC milling machine and CAD system to strengthen the machinery department and mold department.
Development of continuous weir crusher runner breaker (ALP600-50TA, ALP800-100TA series).
October 1992
Completed and sold runner breaker (ALP800-100TA).
Obtained various patents for runner breakers.
Development of runner breakers (ALP1200-100TA, ALP1500-150TA, ALP1500-200TA series).
April 1996
Achieved sales of 30 runner breakers.
July 1996
Increased capital to 10,000,000 yen.
September 1996
Obtained a patent for runner breaker for hydraulic casting weirs, runways, and crushing / breaking devices for defective products.
January 1997
Runner breaker, patent granted in the United States.
March 1997
Achieved sales of 40 runner breakers.Obtained design registration for runner breaker.
August 1998
Obtained an American patent, and several other applications are pending.European countries, patent pending.
January 1999
Kira factory started operation.Moved the production department to the Kira factory.
A total of 17 patents have been obtained.
August 2000
Achieved sales of 60 runner breakers.
Established a new production base in the EU (Spain) with the entry into the European market.
Started licensed production locally.
Since '92, a total of 100 runner breakers have been sold.
A total of 117 runner breakers are sold, including Japan, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
Maintained the top position in the industry.
Introduced a machining center (Mazak FH-8800) to strengthen in-house production of parts.
Established an immediate parts delivery system by completing an automated warehouse.
Certified as an Aichi brand company.
September 2009
Achieved sales of 140 runner breakers.
March 2010
Introduced a machining center (Mazak FJV-90 / 120R).
Established production base in the United States
A total of 182 runner breakers are sold.
Since 92, a total of 200 runner breakers have been sold.
Yasuaki Okutani was appointed as Chairman of the Board and Taisuke Okutani was appointed as President.
Received the 2016 Aichi Environmental Award for Excellence.