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Looking at new needs
With the solid technical capabilities that we have cultivated so far,
With a consistent follow-up system from planning to installation and installation
We will meet the high needs of our customers.
--Major products -
"RUNNERBREAKER" Sprue and Runner Crusher
Hydraulic Crusher (Dam Digger)
RUNNERBREAKER for Aluminum Alloy
Manufacture of Molds for Trimming Presses
Castplay Trimming Presses
Other related products and services
We mainly target corporate customers and provide optimal solutions that meet their needs.
We handle planning, accounting, design, production, follow-up and from proposal to follow-up.

Over 200 runner breakers have been delivered over the last 20 years and are operating with high satisfaction around the world.It guarantees the effectiveness of the machine.
We are a manufacturer of casting-related equipment that applies hydraulic technology.
Among them, the crusher liner breaker for recycling castings (the world's No. 1 share, domestic share of 90% or more) is in operation in 20 countries including Japan.Runner breakers, which have great effects such as energy saving, labor saving, and resource saving and contribute to CO2 reduction, are used in casting lines of major automobile and industrial equipment manufacturers in Japan and around the world.In addition, over the past 20 years, more than 200 units have been delivered and are highly evaluated around the world.

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