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- Contributing to the earth and the environment through technological development -
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Product Introduction  - 
We are a manufacturer of casting machines
through the use of hydraulics technology
Within said manufacturing, our RUNNERBREAKER crushing machine, which is used for cast recycling (No. 1 in worldwide share, over 90% of domestic share) is in use in 20 countries, including Japan. The RUNNERBREAKER, which provides major effects such as energy conservation, labor reduction, and resource saving as well as contributing to Co2 reduction, is used by large automobile and production machine manufactures in Japan and worldwide, in casting lines and other facilities. In addition, for over a quarter of a century we have supplied over 250 machines, and have received high praise from around the world.
| Planning/Accounting

・Equipment plans and predicted efficiency based on needs
・Selection of machines that match the usage environment and production conditions
・Production of expected schedule, and estimates
| Design

・A complete image design of the process taken by a system
・Equipment layout with efficiency in mind
・Optimal machinery design
| Production

・Confirmation of full production image based on system design
・Production of machinery and molds that match various design blueprints
・Production that makes use of state-of-the-art technology and casting knowhow
| Follow-up

・ Instructions for using equipment
About Us - 
Yuatsuki Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of products used in hydraulics technology for casting. Many of our products are the first of their kind in Japan, and in the world, and are used in businesses not only in Japan but around the world as well. It is for this reason that we are always making use of our unique technology to develop new products, and our employees come together to take on challenges with tomorrow in mind.
Recruit - 

YUATSUKI CO., LTD. we are looking to hire new employees who will work with us to improve our company. We want applicants who want to take on new challenges and who can ambitiously handle their work. We have a complete follow-up system that allows you to work in your own way. Please feel free to contact us.